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Overview: The graphic below lists all courses which are part of the Engineering Academy / Pathway programs.  The courses are arranged in the sequence in which they should be taken in order to meet prerequisites (i.e.  a student needs to complete a Design Course (IED or ID or AD) or POE before enrolling in Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM), Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA), or AP Computer Science Principles (CSP)), then the capstone. The courses listed are considered to be Engineering Academy “Core” courses and are specifically designed for pre-engineering high school students.  These courses can be taken by both Engineering Academy and Pathway students with a focus in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Architecture, or Computer Engineering.

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Note College Credit: All Engineering Academy and Pathway courses are dual College/University enrollment through PLTW for college credit with Rochester Institute of Technology. The foundational courses are also articulated with Palomar College. Students can earn transferable college credit through these institutions toward their engineering major. See College Credit.

Trimester Recommendation: In order to be prepared to pass the PLTW end of the year assessment to receive college credit for each course (like an AP test), it is high recommend that you enroll in a support course as follows (See College Credit):

Specialization Courses:
Pre-Eng & Design 1 [T1] + CEA [T2-T3]
Pre-Eng & Design 1 [T1] + CIM [T2-T3]

If you are intending to complete the computer engineering focus, then you need to complete both CIM and CSP. You can enroll in them independently or take them in this order:
CIM 1[T1] + AP CSP [T2-T3] and CIM 2 [T1] + EDD [T2-T3]

Pre-Eng & Design 2 [T1] + EDD [T2-T3]

Course Registration

It is recommended that students meet with their counselor to establish a 4-Year plan that meets their academic goals. Students and parents can design their own track working with the school counselor.

Three Plans: The graphic below lists three directions a student can pursue in planning their four years of high school to meet Engineering Academy / Pathway requirements. Plan One allows the student to develop their own plan from the list of Engineering “Core” academic courses. Plan Two is to schedule courses during the students four years of high school to complete Engineering Academy “Core” courses in conjunction with high school graduation requirements, and Plan 3 embeds Engineering Academy “Core” courses, high school graduation requirements, and Honors/AP courses together.  Students should follow one of these plans.

Plan One - Academy / Pathway where the student designs their own plan: Complete the following educational plan of subject courses by year and trimester.  Please consult the course sequence charts, course catalogue, graduation requirements and college entrance requirements as you complete your plan. Click on the Engineering Academy / Pathway 4 year plan below to help you plan the next 4 years.

Plan Two - Engineering Academy “Core” with course graduation requirements: Remember, a total of four courses, an internship and one year of (after school) Robotics or Science Olympiad are required for each Engineering Academy student.  It is encouraged that you review the graphic above, Engineering Academy and Pathway "Core" Courses (trimester) overview and design a plan where your foundational courses are completed as early as possible (preferably starting in your freshman year, but not required). Plan to complete your Specialization Course during your junior year and the Capstone/Internship in your senior year, but any plan that meets the requirements will work. Create your plan, then confirm with parents/counselors.  

How to include Marching PE and BAND into the Engineering Academy or Pathway: In order to fit Engineering Academy / Pathway classes into a 4 year plan with Marching PE and Band, you will need to complete Health during the summer. Please see your counselor for recommendations and approved courses at other institutions. Some are FREE of charge. See graphic below to see how you can make it work:

Plan Three - Engineering Academy including TARGETED Honors and AP courses: Follow plan 2 above embedding Honors and AP courses into your academic 4-Year Plan. If you are following this plan it is encouraged that you incorporate AP Physics and AP Calculus into your plan as targeted AP's. There has been many changes in college/university acceptance and entrance requirements/expectations. (For example, there is no guarantee if you pass an AP exam the college or university will give you college credit. In fact many colleges of engineering (even at the university level) will not give AP Physics or AP Calculus college/university credit; however, it is strongly recommended for the rigor, but plan on taking it again as the college/university course will be different.)&