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Engineering Careers

Engineers require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree at a four year university while technicians require a minimum of an associate’s degree or certification, and sometimes only a high school diploma, but you’re limited in advancement without an advanced degree.


Apprenticeships are an exciting way to gain a college degree, learn as you work on the job and get paid at the same time. There are several types of apprenticships:

Available Types of Engineering Degrees

Below are the most popular types of engineering degrees sorted by branch of engineering. Use the following links to quickly jump to your engineering category of interest (courtesy of Jessica Riders, Washington University, TYPES OF ENGINEERING DEGREES - http://typesofengineeringdegrees.org/):

civil engineering
electrical engineering
geotechnical engineering
computer engineering
chemical engineering
engineering management
online engineering degree
environmental engineering
architectural engineering
biomedical engineering
project management

You can also go to: http://www.discovere.org/discover-engineering/engineering-careers.

Additionally, check out http://www.engineeringdegree.org.

Indicated next to each engineering career below is the minimum level of education to enter the career, notated as follows: Masters of Science (MS), Bachelors of Science (BS), Associates Degree (AA), Certification (C), Apprenticeship (A) or High School Diploma (D). For a detailed description of each engineering career below, go to: http://educationportal.com/article_directory/q_p/page/ Engineering/q_p/Careers_and_Occupations_List.html

·    Aerospace / Aeronautical Engineer (BS)

·    Agriculture Engineer (BS)

·    Air Conditioning Engineer (BS)

·    Air Quality Monitoring Technician (BS)

·    Aircraft Engineer (BS)

·    Animatronics Technologist (BS)

·    Architect (BS)

·    Architectural Engineer (BS)

·    Audio Engineer (BS)

·    AutoCAD Designer (C)

·    Automation Engineer (BS)

·    Automotive Engineer (BS)

·    Bioengineering Engineer (BS)

·    Biological Engineer (BS)

·    Biomedical Engineer (BS)

·    Biomedical Equipment Technician (C)

·    Building Automation Engineer (BS)

·    Building Designer (AA)

·    Building Engineer (BS)

·    Building Technician (D)

·    CAD Designer (AA)

·    Calibration Technician (C)

·    Car Designer (BS)

·    Ceramics and Materials Engineer (BS)

·    Certified Optical Technician (C)

·    Certified Quality Process Analyst (AA)

·    Chemical Engineer (BS)

·    Chief Operating Engineer (D)

·    City Planners (BS)

·    Civil Drafting Technician (AA)

·    Civil Engineer (BS)

·    CNC Operator (C)

·    Communications Engineer (BS)

·    Company Safety Director (BS)

·    Computer Drafter (D)

·    Computer Drawing Specialist (AA)

·    Computer Electronics Technician (AA)

·    Computer Engineer (BS)

·    Computer Hardware Engineer (BS)

·    Computer Systems Engineer (BS)

·    Construction Science Professional (BS)

·    Cooling Science Profession (D)

·    Design Engineer (BS)

·    Drafting Engineer (AA)

·    Electrical Engineer (BS)

·    Electrical Instrumentation Technician (C)

·    Electricity Engineer (BS)

·    Electromechanical Engineer (BS)

·    Electromechanical Instrument Engineer (C)

·    Electronic Drafter (C)

·    Electronic Engineering Technician (AA)

·    Electronics Engineer (BS)

·    Environmental Control Engineer (BS)

·    Environmental Control Technician (AA)

·    Environmental Engineer (BS)

·    Environmental Health Technician (AA)

·    Environmental Technician (AA)

·    Explosives Technician (D)

·    Flight Engineer (BS)

·    Furnace Operator (D)

·    Furnace Technician (D)

·    Gas Leak Surveying Technician (D)

·    Gas Plant Operator (D)

·    Gas Technician (D)

·    Geological / Geophysical Engineer (BS)

·    Geological Data Technician (AA)

·    Health and Safety Engineer (BS)

·    HVAC Control Systems Engineer (BS)

·    HVAC Design Engineer (BS)

·    HVAC Engineer (BS)

·    Industrial Engineer (BS)

·    Industrial Production Manager (BS)

·    Industrial Safety Specialist (BS)

·    Industrial Scientist (BS)

·    Information Systems Engineer (BS)

·    Instrumentation Engineer (BS)

·    Java Engineer (BS)

·    Land Surveyor Assistant (C)

·    Lead Construction Engineer (BS)

·    Machinist (A)

·    Manufacturing Engineer (BS)

·    Marine and Ocean Engineer (BS)

·    Materials Engineer (BS)

·    Materials Scientist (BS)

·    Mechanical Device Engineer (BS)

·    Mechanical Device Technician (AA)

·    Mechanical Drafter (AA)

·    Mechanical Engineer (BS)

·    Mechanical Engineering Technician (AA)

·    Mechanical Inspector (D)

·    Medical Device Engineer (BS)

·    Medical Device Technician (AA)

·    Medical Engineer (BA)

·    Metallurgical Laboratory Technician (D)

·    Microelectronics Engineer (BS)

·    Mining Engineer (BS)

·    Mining Machine Operator (C)

·    Mining Technician (AA)

·    Nuclear Engineer (BS)

·    Nuclear Equipment Technician (AA)

·    Nuclear Technologist (AA)

·    Occupational Safety Technician (C)

·    Operations Engineer (BA)

·    Perl Developer (BS)

·    Personal Computer Engineer (C)

·    Petroleum Engineer (BS)

·    Petroleum Technician (AA)

·    Power Plant Technician (D)

·    Precision Instrument Technician (D)

·    Process Engineering Manager (BS)

·    Process Safety Engineer (BS)

·    Production Inspector (D)

·    Project Control Engineer (BS)

·    Public Safety Professional (D)

·    Pyrotechnic Technician (D)

·    Q. A. Engineer (Software or Hardware) (BS)

·    Quality Assurance Engineer  (BS)

·    Quality Assurance Manager (BS)

·    Quality Assurance Specialist (BS)

·    Quality Assurance Technician (BS)

·    Quality Control Engineer(BS)

·    Quality Control Technician (AA)

·    Quality Engineer (BS)

·    Quality Systems Manager (BS)

·    Quality Testing Technician (AA)

·    Refrigeration Engineer (BS)

·    Refrigerator Technology Professions (C)

·    Renewable Energy Engineer (C)

·    Research Scientist (MS)

·    Residential Designer (BS)

·    Residential Heating Engineer (BS)

·    Robot Technician (AA)

·    Robotics Engineer (BS)

·    Satellite Engineer (BS)

·    Senior Design Technician (AA)

·    Software Architect (BS)

·    Software Development Manager (BS)

·    Software Engineer (BS)

·    Software Engineering Architect (BS)

·    Software Testing Technician (AA)

·    Stationary Engineer (D)

·    Statistical Assistant (BS)

·    Statistician (BS)

·    Structural CAD Technician (AA)

·    Structural Engineer (BS)

·    Survey Engineer (BS)

·    Survey Technician (AA)

·    Sustainable Energy Technologist (BS)

·    System Engineer (BS)

·    Systems Software Engineer (BA)

·    Telecommunication Technician (AA)

·    Telecommunications Administrator (BS)

·    Telecommunications Engineer (BS)

·    Telephone Engineer (BS)

·    Thermodynamics Engineer (BS)

·    Tool and Die Maker (A)

·    Turbine Cooling Engineer (BS)

·    Urban and Land Use Planner (BS)

·    Vehicle Designer (BS)

·    Water Operator (AA)

·    Water Plant Technician (C)

·    Watercraft Designer (BS)

·    Watercraft Engineer (BS)

·    Wireless Telecommunication Engineer (BS)

·    Yacht Designer (BS)